Happy Valentine's Day

Here are some pictures from today. It has been impossible to keep Ava out of Scarlett's toy bin. Today she stole Scarlett's favourite toy, then Scarlett took off with it, Ava chased her, cried and then Scarlett felt guilty and gave it back. Then I took it away and put it up high where neither of them could get it. Yes I am mean.

I have been told by people at work that I have turned into one of "those" people. We used to have discussions and make fun of "those" people. And now I am one. Although I am devastated that I have joined this group, all I can say is that I still listen to regular music in the car, still stay up until the middle of the night and I don't watch Dr. Phil. So there. And if you are reading this, then I guess my blog isn't so lame after all. :)

We had a small computer glitch this evening. I was playing with Ava on the PBS kids web site and she was banging away on the keyboard. Ever seen your computer do this?


Melissa said…
These are so cute, Jen! And no - I don't think you've turned into one of "those" people - whoever "they" are. Love the pictures of Ava causing trouble. What a littel angel. Oh - It's good to be an aunt!
Anonymous said…
Now the fun starts!!!
If she wasn't doing any of those things then she wouldn't be normal.
You are a great Mom and the only thing you can be accused of is loving her.
Keep up the good work.