A heart pillow, some goldfish crackers and a runny nose

Well, today's shoot produced more outtakes than good shots. It was so much easier to take pictures of Ava when she wasn't able to move around.

The picture with the heart pillow is one of the rare ones I got of her holding it as every time Jason handed her the heart pillow and the bear she immediately tossed them. Most times I didn't even have the camera focussed before they were flying out of her hands.

As you can see, the photo shoot came to an end once she had had enough and crawled away. I was lucky she sat still for me to get these shots. This morning she cut her first tooth on the top and has been feverish and congested the past couple of days.

I hope to get some more shots of her before Valentine's Day, but in the meantime these were fun to take as they are different to my usual stuff. The white backdrop was fun for a change. They will also be fun pictures to put in Ava's scrapbook.

I hope to get some more shots of her outside this weekend. We'll have to take the dog for a walk and take Ava for a ride in her sleigh. It will fun to get some shots of them outside in the snow.

Thanks for looking!


Anonymous said…
So does this mean the little critter has officially taken off crawling? Have fun with the pictures now if she has!

Great Shots
Thanks, Shannon! She's trying to crawl - she can get up on her hands and knees with one leg tucked under her, but once that leg straightens out she goes down. She's trying really hard though. She's getting up a lot easier from a lying position now and today she was trying to pull herself up with the coffee table. When you try to set her down on the floor she won't straighten her legs because she wants to stand. In about another week I think she will be unstoppable. Her and Natalia will have a blast the next time they see each other. :)
Melissa said…
Absolutely gorgeous, Jennifer! I love these! You are so talented and you have the most adorable little angel for your subject!
Thanks, Mel! You are so sweet. I'll have to get you to come over and help me get some good expressions for some more valentine pictures since you always get the biggest smiles out of her. :)