Art lesson

Truth be told, this was not Ava's first time colouring - she first tried it about two weeks ago when we visited my mom at the library. BUT - this was the first time she did more than just eat the crayons. The crayons actually touched the paper this time.

EDITED TO ADD: I should add that the spiral notebook and crayons were bought for Ava by her Nana the last time we were at Michaels. Thanks, Mom!

They are definitely not great pictures, but they tell a story and that is what I like. Here they are:

So many crayons, so little time...

This picture reminds me so much of me as a kid. I couldn't draw or write anything without my tongue sticking out of my mouth.

The creative process...


Gucci Muse said…
So Cute! I enjoyed looking around your blog!
Thanks gucci muse! Thanks for stopping by. By the way - I read some of your blog and it was hilarious. I have bookmarked it so I can check in again. Hope you stop by again, Jen
Melissa said…
This is adorable, Jen! Love the concentration! I can't wait to see her first stamping!
Anonymous said…
I see a clone of you.
Starting early will help to bring out her creativity.
Enjoy your art supplies!
Anonymous said…
when are you coming to Winnipeg for a visit so I can steal her?
Thanks, everyone! Charlene - remember the deal - if a third Bridget Jones movie comes out, we will be on a plane right away. I'd love to see you. I miss you so much.
Gucci Muse said…
Thanks Jennifer! I am glad you enjoyed my blog! I wish I had time to be more creative and interesting with it- but alas, there are other things to do in life....will be back to visit!