Ava & the Chicks

Today, Ava and I went to visit Christine, Travis, Dylan and Lucas and had a great time. They just received 40 baby chicks and invited us out to take pictures of them with Ava (their farm is awesome - it's like a petting zoo - a golden retriever, a rooster, a cat, baby chicks, Charles the rabbit who you were introduced to last month and a couple of horses). It's amazing - they were born on Monday and if you look at the pictures, you will see that their wings are starting to come in. I was happy that they were egg laying birds because I can't be on a first name basis with a bird I am going to eat a few months down the road.

Anyway, Ava wasn't very cooperative, but we managed to get some shots. The boys were great - they kept a rotation of chicks coming from the heat lamp while were taking pictures (thanks guys!). As you can see from Ava's expression in the last picture, she gave us a clear sign that the photo shoot was over. It really is too bad because that shot would have been a good one - the chick was right in her lap.

Thanks guys! I appreciate you inviting us over (and blowing out the driveway for me. Oh and the next time I say "Storm? What storm? It's not even snowing outside so how bad could it be? Please remind me that A) I am not a meteorologist and B) while it may not be storming in town, it can still be storming in the country) and thanks for all of the willing subjects. Sorry mine wasn't so willing.


Melissa said…
Oh my goodness - LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! What a cute bunch of pictures! Ava is very lucky to have such a wonderful family - always showing her new and exciting things!