Ava meets Franklin

Ava and I love to go to the library. We go at least once a week and bring home a pile of books and we try to read a few every day. Today as a part of the library's March Break programming, they had a storytime and meet Franklin hour. I have read a few Franklin books to Ava, but I'm sure she didn't have a clue who he was. If Clifford was there it might have been a different story. Clifford is one of the few things that can hold her interest.

She seemed to have fun while she was there. She had no interest in Franklin though - she was more fascinated with the fact that she was surrounded by little kids. While she was there she sat with her cousins Aiden and MacKenzie and found them very interesting and entertaining.

These aren't the greatest pictures for a couple of reasons a) I didn't want to look like a Japanese tourist by taking 300 pictures when the other parents took 2 pictures and b) it was hard to take pictures with Ava in my lap.

My mom is in the picture holding Ava. :)

Oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHANNON! Hope you had a great day.


Sheri said…
Jen, the pictures are great! I love how Ava is looking at Frankin! I totally hear you on looking like a tourist! I must always look like a tourist;-) My family always jokes with me that I am going to wear my camera out! Which is okay if I do, it means I can get a better one ;-)

See you on Sunday!
Thanks, Sheri! Same here. I keep hoping mine will wear our but if Jason sees the one I want to buy next he'll have a stroke. :)
Anonymous said…
What great shots!
I would like to send these to our IT department for posting to our website. With your permission of course.I have a number of pictures that were taken during our March Break events.
The libray board would be very interested to see some pics from that week.
I won't use the one with Ava.
The colours are amazing!!!
Melissa said…
I agree Jen - beautiful pictures! Can't wait to see the scrapbook layout! :)
Thanks, ladies. Mom - not a problem. You can use all of the pictures including the one of Ava. I will email the full sized ones to you.
Nancy D. said…
So glad you took some pics of
Franklin, is it possible to send me 4
my Mom & sisters via crann address? If not, that is okay too. WOw Ava standing that is
Hi Nancy (aka Frank) - not a problem at all! I will send bigger versions to you tonight (I am at Mom's house right now).