The many faces of teething

These pictures sum up today perfectly. Ava was in a bad mood for almost the entire day. She has four teeth coming in on the top and is pretty miserable. The only times she didn't cry was when she watched five minutes of Clifford, had her half hour nap and when she ate food from Scarlett's bowl and I had to fish it out of her mouth. For the most part everything upset her except our daily game of crawl to Scarlett's bowl 3,000 times while she is eating and let Mommy carry you back across the room. It's a good thing we have an easy going dog. Not many dogs would let someone reach into their bowl while they are eating.

Sorry I didn't post much last week - I was a bad blogger. Will try to post more this week. I have some new scrapbook layouts to post and hope to take a bunch of pictures. I need to get back into black and white mode. As I converted the above picture I realized how much I miss it. Colour is fun, but there is just something about black and white. Anyway, Ava goes to the library to see Franklin on Friday, so there should be some opportunities there.

Here are the pictures that sum up the day:

Thanks for looking!


Anonymous said…
Poor little tyke.
It can't be very nice to be cutting so many teeth at one time.
Melissa said…
Oh my - even when she's crying she is so adorable! Looking forward to more pictures and posts - your work is fabulous!
Anonymous said…
ouch - i'm almost crying now too! Charlene