My very own "big kid" table

On Saturday a very special item was delivered to our house - a beautiful new dining room set. My grandmother passed away suddenly in September and my mom decided that she wanted to buy my sister and I each something special with her inheritance. Since we shared many a meal with my grandmother and cooking and entertaining people was one of her favourite pasttimes, we agreed that a dining room set would be one of the best ways to preserve my grandparents memory and make sure that our family traditions continue.

I think my grandparents would be proud to know that 50+ years after they came to Canada with very little, they were able to leave something not only for their kids, but for their grandchildren as well. Thanks, Mom for such a beautiful keepsake.


Melissa said…
What a beautiful post, Jennifer. I know that Nana and Gramps would love what you have done in their memory.
Anonymous said…
You have touched my heart!
Anonymous said…
Jen, this post is so beautiful on so many levels! The pictures are well done, the table and chairs look beautiful but the reason as to why it is in your home is heart melting. Having been able to have shared a few moments with your Nana, I know that I will have special smiles everytime I see the diningroom set in your house. Your grandparents' love will always be in your home.
Anonymous said…
Once again, you are able to tug at my heart strings like no other person. Nana was always proud to call you her your grandchild. Stay real ... it fits you so well.