A second look

I was playing around with photoshop yesterday and wanted to try something new, but I needed a landscape picture. I immediately thought of the pictures I took two summers ago when we went to the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto.

It's funny to see how my style has changed since then. I remember standing on that street corner for at least five minutes in the rain (while Mel, Craig and Jason were getting soaked), waiting and trying to get a shot when there weren't any cars or people in the frame. It wasn't easy, but I did get the shot I was looking for and was happy with it at the time. But yesterday I went back and looked at the others that I took and this shot, which I classified as a reject at the time, immediately caught my eye. This is the shot that I would take if I were standing on that corner today.

I love how the car is blurred in the bottom left showing the motion and I like the people on the other side walking across the street. I think the two things balance each other and make the picture more interesting. I may just make a print of this and put it up somewhere.

So if you are interested in photography, you might want to go back through your old pictures and see if there are any shots that deserve a second look. You may be pleasantly surprised. I plan to look through some more of my old stuff too.

Thanks for looking!


Melissa said…
Beautiful, Jenny - you've always had the knack!