The bear costume

I had the day off on Ava's birthday last Wednesday, so we went to visit my parents. These pictures were taken in their living room. Big thanks to my Aunt Loreta for the bear costume. It was perfect for pictures - love the texture.

And yep - that's me in the picture looking in through the front window...


Anonymous said…
What a sweetie pie!
She is so lucky to have so many pictures to look at when she grows up.
Anonymous said…
Cutest bear I have ever seen!
Melissa said…
I agree Karen - cutest little bear in the world! :)
Thanks, guys! Your comments are greatly appreciated. They keep me pumped up to post stuff. :)
Sheri said…
As always, such great pictures! I love the ones of her looking out the window. Is she standing all by herself now?

Where did your Aunt get the costume? Or did she make it?
Hi Sheri - yep - she's standing at the window. She's been pulling herself up to a standing position for over a month now. She's now getting to the point where she stands for a split second without holding onto anything then she realizes it and reaches out to steady herself.

The costume is a costume my aunt bought for her kids from The Gap a while ago. I am guessing maybe it's a halloween costume?