Girls' day out

Monday, 2 April 2007

Today my mom treated Ava and I to a girls' day out. We had our hair done at the salon while Ava patiently waited...

strutting our new hairstyles on Wyndham Street...

on the road to our first shopping destination...

waiting for mom at the flower shop...

eating lunch at McDonalds. It was seniors day. Many of the elderly people (some crazy and some not) stopped to talk to Ava...

It was a great day and also a rare day that I document a day outside the house. It was fun. Normally I am embarrassed to pull my camera out and take pictures in public but have decided that now that I am 30, I really could care less what people think. :)

Thanks for looking (and thanks mom for a great day)!

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4 Responses to “Girls' day out”

Melissa said...

These are adorable, Jen! Wish I could have gone out with you lovely ladies. Looks like you had a blast! I love the new hairdo, too! :)

Jennifer McDougall said...

Thanks, Mel. I wish you could have been there with us too. We missed you.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like we should have another Spa day so Auntie M. can join us.
Thanks for a very special year.
We look forward to many more to come.

Anonymous said...

Awesome Jennifer! You and your Mom always look spiffy! Bet it was a fun day. Be careful what you say about those Seniors at McDonalds. I might have been there ;) Yes, now that you are 30 you are less concerned what other people say. Just wait until you hit the big 5-0!
You will manage back at work. Many have done it before you, and many will do it after you. You learn to prioritize your activities, many times giving up a personal want for a want with the family or with Ava. Ava will grow up and move on and then you will have lots of time for you. Sad in a way, but true. Put those dust balls low on the list ;)