Hey you guys...

Here are some more pictures from last week.

In this picture Ava was squealing at her cousin MacKenzie who was out riding her bike. It reminds me that classic line from The Goonies..."hey you guys!" At first the reflection of the bike on her face bothered me, but it is growing on me because at least you can tell what she is yelling at.

Some rare self portraits of myself and Ava. (No idea why I am even posting this as I look like an old bag).


Anonymous said…
Those are too cute! And you do not look like an old bag....do you know what an old bag looks like?lol
Sheri said…
Awesome pictures Jen! You don't look like an old bag! Because if you do, than so do I ;-)

I need to take some self portraits of Alyssa and I. I've given up on Jason taking any of us...I always have to ask! By the time he gets the camera, the moment has passed...lol ;-) I want there to be pictures of us together, because I don't have any of my Mom and I from when I was a kid.

So even if you don't think you look your best, remember that Ava won't care, she'll just cherish the photo of her with her Mommy!
Melissa said…
Beautiful, Jen! You are both gorgeous!

Can you send me a file with the big version of "Hey You Guys"? I have a little one of her on my desktop, but this one has to be a big one - it's just too adorable!
Anonymous said…
Do I need to get a new pair of glasses? I can't find the old bag in these pictures. Must I invert them? Do I need 3-D glasses? Does my computer have a virus? All I see are two beautiful people in a caring and loving pose! Both adorable.

Thanks, everyone - you are all so kind. I got carded at the liquor store until I was about 27. That ended a few years ago so it's depressing to start looking your age. I was hoping it wouldn't catch up to me for a few years. I guess lack of sleep will do that to you. :)

Mel - no problem. Do you want me to crop it to a specific size or do you just want the full thing?