Mother's Day

Monday, 14 May 2007

Happy Mother's Day! Here are some pictures I took today while we were at our family Mother's Day BBQ.

Wandering around the gardens...

Sara almost gave me a heart attack when she found this little guy. Ava wasn't scared but I kept my distance...

Today was Ava's first time sitting on the grass. She didn't like it at first - everytime she was lowered to the grass she would tuck her legs up under her so her feet wouldn't touch. After a few minutes she was crawling around and seemed to like it....

Both of these images were straight out of the camera...

Playing with my niece. We had a great time taking pictures of anything and everything. ..

Hiding in Grandma's new potting shed...

Thanks for looking!

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3 Responses to “Mother's Day”

Anonymous said...

Jen, absolutley wonderful pictures! I say it again and again your work is AWESOME!! I wish I had your talent.:)


Anonymous said...

Great photo's Jen. Could you send me the black and white of Emma full sized and possibly in colour too if possible. I have a collage on my wall and I would love to add it but it needs to be in colour. I would also love it in Black and white to scrap. Thanks a million!


Jennifer McDougall said...

Thanks, guys! No problem, Shannon. I will send it to you in b/w and colour.