Happy Canada Day

Today's pictures were taken this morning during our town's homecoming parade. The parade celebrated everyone returning to town to reconnect with old friends as well as to celebrate town being named the Most Patriotic Village in Canada. Pretty cool distinction considering how small our town is. The picture of the marching feet was my sister's idea. It was her great suggestion. Thanks Mel!

Anyway, here's a little more about this great honour:

In November 1942, the Toronto Star ran a front page headline that read Arthur Village Gives Sons and Money to Aid the War, and recognized Arthur as the Most Patriotic Village in Canada due to 1 out of 7 Arthur residents fought in the Second World War. It was the highest ratio in comparison to villages of comparable sizes in Canada. By the end of the war, 338 Arthur residents had enlisted, and 25 were killed in action. - taken from Wikipedia

Absolutely amazing and something to be very proud of.


Melissa said…
These are fantastic, Jen! I love the one of the unicycler - perfect background, too! The colours are unbelievable!
Jennifer said…
WOW! You are an amazing photographer! I love pictures. I love taking, them looking at them, and now that I have kids, I even enjoy being in them, occassionally that is. ;) You are really brilliant with the camera. Did you go to school for this, or is this just natural talent? Beautiful pics. thank you for sharing. ;)
Thank you so much ladies. I really appreciate your kind comments.

Jennifer - thanks so much! You're a better sport than me - I hate having my picture taken. That's why I take the pictures. I didn't go to school for photography (I wish I did though) - just lots and lots of practice. I am off to check out your blog. Thanks again!