Look who's walking

Monday, 11 June 2007

We will never be able to rest again. Ava is up and around walking quite a bit totally on her own without any help. This new found freedom is accompanied by never ending curiosity. Hurricane Ava as I like to call her is into everything she can find. Yesterday I turned around to find her standing on the seat of her tricycle trying to climb over the arm of the couch. She almost gave me a heart attack. Anyway, she has a new lease on life now that she is totally mobile. Here are some pics from the weekend...

Having a rest with me on the grass (photo by my sister Melissa)...

Playing with Auntie Melissa...

Ava's first freezie (photo #1 by my sister Melissa). Am I strange because I searched through the cooler at the convenience store for the best looking red freezie? I dug around until I found one that was frozen evenly and not bumpy in spots. I think I need professional help...

Thanks Mel for taking some of the pictures. It is greatly appreciated. Thanks for looking everyone!

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5 Responses to “Look who's walking”

Melissa said...

Love these pictures, Jen! Beautiful! She is such a little angel and is so adventurous. It is so exciting to see her growing up right before our eyes! Uncle Craig and I had a blast spending time with her this weekend - she is such a joy!

Anonymous said...

Jennifer: Great pictures. I love the new quote on your blog, too. There's something to be said for uniqueness. It's hard always coming up with something new, but when it happens it shows true creativity. Too often we take the easy way out and reinvent the wheel. You're always doing such unique things and thinking outside the box. Your blog is amazing!


Anonymous said...

Your in trouble now!! Trust me. I know!


Anonymous said...

The memories of last weekend will last a lifetime.
Your little angel is so precious.
Thanks for sharing.

Sheri said...

Jen, this is great news! You'll have your hands full now :) The pictures look amazing too! I love the one of Melissa blowing the bubble!