Now she's just showing off

Ava is starting to do new things almost daily. She is already walking pretty well and in the past day or so has decided that she really doesn't want to crawl anymore. Almost everywhere she goes, she walks. So now that walking is easier for her she has set her sights on the next level - yep, she is starting to climb. Going up stairs is no problem if she can get at them and I am told that when Jason went to pick her up from the babysitter at the park today she climbed two stairs, walked over to the slide and slid down all on her own. I can't believe it. This is the same kid who wasn't even walking two weeks ago!

Anyway, here is a new picture of Ava and another picture from Father's Day. Please meet Casey, the new addition to the crew out at the McDougall family farm. She was a very nice host and I look forward to taking lots of pictures of her this weekend when I go out to do family pictures. Can't wait guys!


Melissa said…
What a sweetheart! She is growing up so quickly and has so much personality! Always hammin' it up for the camera!