Play Date

Yesterday we went to a friend's house for a play date with her kids. It was so nice to spend the afternoon catching up. She had this amazing shed that I fell in love with. She also had a great barn, gardens and a really cool playhouse that would be great for pictures. Unfortunately shortly after I started taking pictures it started to pour rain. I wish somebody had taken pictures of us running like crazy for the house - it was hilarious. If I didn't care about my camera I would have taken some while we were running, but since money doesn't grow on trees it was already safely tucked away in my backpack. Anyway, we scooped up the kids melting popcicles and all and started running. Then the wind blew Ava's hat off and I had to backtrack. We ended up getting soaked but it was so much fun.

It's pretty cool - down the road when Ava starts school, my friend's daughter will be in her class. So we are getting them acquainted early. :)