Staying cool by the pool

A couple of weeks ago, Ava made a new friend. We took her to see friends of the family and take her for her first swim in a real pool. There she met a new little friend. Little C is the same age as Ava and the two of them had a great time splashing and playing.

Both Ava and C were a bit hesitant to get into the water, but after a couple of minutes they were having a great time. When we pulled them out of the water they were not happy.

It was so cute to watch them play together. Ava found him very fascinating as you can see from the pictures.


Melissa said…
Adorable pictures! I love Ava's hair-do! :)
Jennifer said…
These are great pics. I love the b&w of AVA. She is beautiful. I can't wait for my girls to get some more hair. LOL.