10,000 and counting

Just a quick one for today. I dusted off my studio light and finally used it with my new camera. I was really impressed with the way my camera performed with the lights. This picture is straight out of the camera - I never got results like this with my old camera.

Would you believe that my new camera that is only four months old rolled over 10,000 pictures yesterday? I started back at zero yesterday afternoon. Wow. That's a lot of pictures.

Thanks for looking!


Melissa said…
Ever so precious! Congratulations on 10,000 beautiful pictures, Jen - you've got such a talent!
Anonymous said…
What an angelic face!!
Anonymous said…
Ava looks so beautiful, I really really want this photo.
Love A. Gail
Alissa said…
Okay - so now we must know what the new camera is versus what the old camera was! Inquiring minds want to know!
Sheri said…
Wow, 10,000...now that's a lot of pictures! I thought I was crazy for having taken close to 1,500 since buying my new camera a few weeks ago. Which by the way, thanks for recommending the lens that you did...I love it!

I agree with everyone else, what a great shot of Ava...so precious!
Thanks everyone! I really appreciate it.

Auntie Gail - no problem - I will get a copy for you. Do you want a 5x7?

Alissa - my old camera was a Canon Digital Rebel (the original one) and my new camera is a Canon 30D. I have been very impressed with it so far.

Sheri - yep - it's a lot of pictures and although I burn them to DVDs, a pile are sitting on my computer maxing the hard drive. This week's project is organizing the computer. I bought an external hard drive on the weekend so this week I am backing up and cleaning up. I am hoping it will speed my computer up!
Alissa said…
WAIT! You mean to tell me that you started your business with a REBEL?! I have one of those. I want to be you. AND I also want your 30D. I'm praying that I can fool someone into thinking I know what I'm doing long enough to earn the dough for that. Thanks for answering my question. I feel inspired yet again by visiting you.
Thanks, Alissa! Yes - I started with a Digital Rebel (not the film kind). It lasted me three years and was a great camera. It synched with my studio lights and did much of what I needed at the time. I ended up upgrading to the 30D because I wanted more metering modes and a metal body camera. Plus my old one was starting to act up - I guess 40,000 pictures will do that to you. You would love the 30D - I highly recommend it.