The haircut

Monday, 16 July 2007

Today was Ava's first haircut. Things went very well - no crying, no fussing, no big deal at all as far as Ava was concerned. It was quite the production - Dad supervised the cut (and was quite concerned as he didn't want too much of the curls to come off), Melissa put the cuttings into an envelope for the baby book and my mom kept a steady stream of goldfish crackers going into Ava's mouth. This is our family hairdresser. She has been cutting my hair since I was about ten years old and is just fabulous. She was so good with Ava.

The pictures aren't the most creative I've ever taken, but I was in mom mode and had creative block as far as photography mode was going. I was too busy freaking out over how cute she looked.

The cut...

The consultation...

The blow dry...

The treat at the end...

Thanks for looking!

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3 Responses to “The haircut”

Melissa said...

Absolutely adorable, Jen! You didn't have a block at all - very creative and it tells the story so well! Glad that I was there to witness the big event. She was so good!

Anonymous said...

What a nice selection of photos to document her first hair cut.
She was so good. She walked up and down the salon weaving between the stylist's stalls and she did not touch a thing. She was just happy to go on her little tour of the salon.
She was an angel.

Sheri said...

I agree, the photos really document the big event! Ava's new hair cut is so cute! She looks so happy with her treat at the end too!