One from yesterday

Yesterday was our family garage sale. Sales went well and everyone's house is a little bit emptier now. Here is a picture I took of Ava cooling off in her little pool during the garage sale...

Thanks for looking!


Anonymous said…
OMG! Look at the hair this child is growing. Sheesh! It's grown tons since I last saw her. It's so cute.

Anonymous said…
What a picture!
She looks like a little movie star.
Melissa said…
GORGEOUS!!! I agree, Mom - definite movie star! She looks so grown up!

Auntie M
Thanks, guys! Shannon - it just keeps growing and growing. It's crazy. It took so long to start and now it won't stop! Ava's first haircut is next Monday so I will be sure to send pictures of the new doo next week. Should be interesting to see how our hairdresser will cut it because I don't know how Ava will react. I'll give you the whole story next week.
Anonymous said…
A real sweetie! But how could she be anything else with the genes that she has :) Looking forward to the pics from the first hair cut.