Missing you


Melissa said…
Gorgeous pictures, Jennifer. They really capture what a beautiful person Nana was. I miss her, too. It is hard to believe that it was a year ago already.

My favourite picture is that first one from Auntie Marsha's party. That is how I remember Nana - vibrant and always ready to make you smile or laugh - "Hi ya bebe!"
Auntie Karen said…
What a great tribute to a great woman. Where did the time go. I can't believe Mom's been gone for a year already.

Just look at the picture of Mom and Ava and that puts it all into perspective.

Love you

Anonymous said…
We miss her too.
Karen E. said…
Thanks for sharing the memories Jennifer. I was looking for a piece of "black cake" in a picture ;) Love the picture of you as a wee person. If Nana were still with us, and Ava was a little older, it would only be the hair colour that would tell us who the little person is! You have capture some very caring and special moments with these pictures.
Hugs to all of you.