Ethan & Owen

We finally got Ethan to keep his eyes open long enough today to take some pictures. Here is a closeup of Ethan (left) and Owen (right) taken tonight at the hospital. Kind of explains how the nurses get confused as to who's who, doesn't it? :)

Thanks for looking!


Melissa said…
Oh my goodness! They've changed so much! What a precious picture and what precious little boys! Wow! I'm in love! :)

One very proud aunt!
Anonymous said…
They are so cute!!!!!I can't wait to hold them.
Jen and Jason what a beautiful family you have.
Auntie Gail
Anonymous said…
They are just beautiful. What a precious gift. Everything about them is identical. That is truly amazing! Can't wait to see them!

Love and all the best to you all.


Anonymous said…
They are beautiful! I can't wait to meet them.

Anonymous said…
What a difference a week makes!!!
Two beautiful little boys. Praying that they will be home soon.
Anonymous said…
OMGosh.......Are they sweet or what?
Jen....I hope the nail polish never wears off or else there maybe a mix up...:)

Crossing all crossables for you today, that the boys can come HOME!!

Anonymous said…
oh oh oh oh ............ I loved the first pics but this one is fantastic ......... Ava what a wonderful and blessed 'big sister' you are ......... congrats!! Jen and Jason :):) hugs Tara