Little brothers for Ava

Hey everyone! On Thursday, February 14th, I was induced and gave birth to identical twin boys. Ethan James McDougall was born at 10:09 pm, weighed in at 5 lbs 11 oz and was 19-1/2" long. Owen Douglas McDougall was born at 10:18 pm, weighed in at 4 lbs 10 oz and was 19" long. The delivery was very smooth and was over in no time. The boys are doing very well and although they are still in the hospital, we hope they will be able to come home in a few days. Ava is thrilled to be a big sister and all she wanted to do was hug and kiss them when she met them for the first time.

A few pictures are attached of the boys. They were taken last Friday morning. Ethan is on the left and Owen is on the right in both pictures. They have since been moved out of an incubator and are sharing a crib.

Stay tuned for more pictures!


Sheri said…
Congratulations again! I hope all is going well. It can't be easy with them still in the hospital...I hope they're able to come home soon! All the best!!

Melissa said…
Love the pictures, Jen! They are such handsome little angels! I am so happy that they arrived safely and can't wait til they can come home! You are an unbelievable person, Jen and I admire your strength. What a beautiful family you have!
Anonymous said…
What a blessed event! Jen, you are amazing and very lucky to have a strong and supportive husband. They are beautiful healthy boys!!
Good things are wished for you and your little family.
Karen E. said…
So great to see your post Jen. They look adorable in the pictures. Can't wait to see them in person :) You looked fabulous last Saturday! Glad to hear that the delivery went well and that you are feeling good.
I have missed spending time with Ava:( Looking forward to having her and the rest of her family visit.
Aunt Karen
Anonymous said…
Hi Jennifer, Jason, Ava & Scarlett
That is great you can share
these precious pictures of your
It brings back so many memories
of my sister's twins boys (now 20!!)
I understand they are wearing green & blue to identify, & Patrick & Derek
would wear those colours so we wouldn't get confused.
We are all so happy & prayed
for their safe arrival.
The Dawson's (& Honey)