Eva Dingle, Wheezy Jefferson and $9 in helium balloons

Well, those three things pretty much sum up the weekend. Ava has changed her name once again. After months of being Ahva, she is now Eva. She likes to watch The Jeffersons and when asked who George's wife is, she screams out "Wheezy!". I'm pretty sure she's the only two year old whose favourite song is "Proud Mary" by Ike & Tina.

Anyway, this was the best $9 I ever spent on a beautiful spring afternoon...

More pictures to come probably tomorrow...

Thanks for looking!


Anonymous said…
My little Eva.... Ava looks really grown up. Great pictures Jen!

Melissa said…
Beautiful pictures,Jen! I love them! You have such talent and such a sweet little subject! Wow!
Anonymous said…
Those were pretty cute. Keep 'em coming!

Karen E. said…
Awesome pictures Jen. $9 well spent. Looks as if "Eva" had fun with them too! She wants her name to sound like her "bigger" little brother's name, "Ethan".
Thanks for sharing.
our pictures inspire me... thanks
sorry forgot the Y... your pictures inspire me LOL
Thanks, everyone! I really appreciate your comments. Thanks for visiting! :)