Happy Birthday Ava Dingle

Two years and at least 40,000 pictures later, Ava is celebrating her second birthday. She is learning and growing so fast. We are now working on getting her to learn her last name. As far as she is concerned, her name is Ava Dingle and she thinks that is the funniest thing she has ever heard. She's a real talker and she doesn't stop from the moment she gets up until the moment she goes to bed. She gets into everything lately, her most recent adventure being sneaking into the boys' room where she found the penaten cream and coated her feet in it. She loves her brothers and doesn't have a jealous bone in her body.

Of all of the pictures I have taken of Ava, my absolute favourite picture is the picture above. Her hand is cut off which bothers me, but everything else just seemed to click - the backlighting, her expression and I can't get enough of her pigtails. Here is a sampling of other favourites over the past two years.

Happy birthday, Ava Dingle.


Karen E. said…
Congraulations on reaching the big 2 - 0 "Ahva" Dingle! Sure hope that I am still related to you ;) You are getting more adorable each day, if that is possible! Hugs ti the big two year old with the winter white feet!
Anonymous said…
Ohhh I love it......Ava Dingle!! It's amazing the names we can make with McDougall- when MacKenzie was small her last name was Dooglie...

Hope Ava had a good birthday:)

Anonymous said…
Can't believe Ava is already two and quite the young lady! The pictures are beautiful. You're such an amazing photographer Jen. You capture the very moment.

At least Dingle is easier to live down try Kaka.

Thanks for sharing
aka Auntie Kaka
Melissa said…
Love that picture too Jen - I like that you can't see her hand - you can't see what kind of trouble she's getting into! What a precious little angel! I love you Dingle!
Anonymous said…
What a beautiful daughter you have! And what a talented photographer you are!