A rainy afternoon

It rained all day today, leaving us trapped inside. I decided to use the opportunity to take some new pictures of the boys. I dusted off my studio lights and blue background paper and I was in luck as the boys were pretty cooperative.

My little EJ. Easy going and goes with the flow. He is exactly like his dad.

My little Mr. Owen. He is very much like me. He is animated and doesn't sit still for a second.

Thanks for looking!


Anonymous said…
Awww Jen too cute, they are changing so much.

The color one of Owen....he looks like he is trying to wink at you:)

Sheri said…
Jen - what a pair of cutie pies you have there! The pictures are awesome as usual :) I can't believe how much they have changed!! They look so much like Ava at that age!

By the way, I have been enjoying all the great posts lately...so glad to see you're back :) The last pictures of Ava with the ballons were beautiful! She sure has grown up a lot.
Melissa said…
Oh my goodness - absolutely adorable! They have such precious facial expressions! Are you sure that they're only 2 and a half months old??? Quite the little heartbreakers for boys that age! LOVE THEM!!!
Anonymous said…
There is no doubt about it, they are identical and so precious. They have grown so much and they are so strong to be lifting their heads up so early.