African Lion Safari

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

A couple of weeks ago we took Ava to African Lion Safari as she loves animals - especially elephants, giraffes and rhinos. It was a hit with her as well as a blast from the past for Jason and I. I remember going when I was about five years old and my sister and I freaking out because the monkeys were jumping all over the car. Here are some pictures:

Ava watching the elephant round up...

Ava wondering what on earth is going on. Where did all of these monkeys come from? I like how the air conditioning is blowing her hair around.

One of the monkeys was pretty interested in Ava and she found them equally entertaining. Jason and I? Not so much. This was about five seconds before two monkeys slid down the back window of our van, bending the wiper. Damn monkeys...

This also marked the end of Ava's attention span. We let her run around the van while we drove around the park and it was right about this time she discovered my lip gloss in the front of the van as well as the change in the ash tray...

Owen in his carseat...

Thanks for looking!

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2 Responses to “African Lion Safari”

Karen E. said...

Thanks for sharing more pictures Jen. I too have memories of the African Lion Safari, but we went through it on their train. We had heard what monkeys can do to cars! Looks as if Ava is enjoying the elephants. Where are the pictures of the lip gloss and coins ;)

Melissa said...

These are so precious, Jen! I love the one of Ava peering in on the elephants. Adorable! Keep the beautiful pictures coming!