The answers...

As promised, here are the answers and the results tallied from both polls (the one that didn't work and the one that didn't).

This is Ethan. 75% of you guessed correctly!

This is Owen. 80% of you guessed correctly. 7% thought it was the same kid, and at a quick glance it sure looks like it, but nope. Different kid. :) One way to tell is that they both have cowlicks, but Ethan's is more prominent. Another quick way is Owen has a birthmark in the centre of his forehead (easier to notice when you click on the picture and view the bigger image). The boys also have slightly different shaped heads - Ethan's head is more long and Owen's head is more round. The final clue was that they are wearing different t-shirts.

Thanks for participating!

Here is a picture of both of the boys taken the same day. Ethan is on the left and Owen is on the right.

Thanks for looking!


Amy Lightfoot said…
I figured it out by the Cowlicks :) I looked back at images and looked at the hair lines :)
They are adorable and getting so big.
How are you doing with 3 under 3?
Karen E. said…
Okay, I goofed! I really needed to call a friend. where were you when I needed you Ava? Thanks for giving us this opportunity Jen. It was a great way to learn what to look for when I see Ethan and Owen.
Melissa said…
Beautiful pictures of the boys, Jen! You have the most precious little kids! So glad you're back to posting! I've missed seeing your beautiful photography!
Sheri said…
I think I was right, I am not sure :) Thanks for the tips on telling them apart...because it was very hard not to guess the same kid! They have grown so much...what a pair of cuties!