Ava and her binoculars

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

A couple of weeks ago my mom made Ava a pair of binoculars out of a tube of wrapping paper. Talk about a blast from the past. When my sister and I were growing up, we always did stuff like this. I can't tell you how many macaroni pictures, forts and detective agencies we founded way back in the day.

And when exactly was way back in the day? Let's just say I can remember the days when Michael Jackson's video for thriller was more creepy than he was, I was going to marry David Hasselhoff and it was many years before Elmo roamed the earth. Instead, a certain blue furry monster ruled Sesame Street...

I knew this song by heart...

the first record I bought with my own money had this song on it...

and who can forget this classic from my parents' record collection...

Thanks for looking!

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5 Responses to “Ava and her binoculars”

Anonymous said...

We had a lot of fun in those days and it took very little to amuse us. It is so nice that you remember the good times. Ava is such a beautiful little girl and it gives me great pleasure to do the things we once did together.
Thanks for the memories.

Melissa said...

Love it Jenny! Beautiful pics of Ava - good to see that she has the same sense of adventure that we did!

By the way - do we still have our business cards for that detective agency?

Thanks for the flashback! Love the Stars on 45!

Karen E. said...

Thanks Jen for the awesome pictures. It is good seeing Nana and Ava having a great time, especially when it brings back fabulous memories for both of you. If I need some detective work done, can I call on you and Melissa?

Shannon said...

Ha ha! Love the videos! What a throw back to the good old days.

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Jennifer McDougall said...

Thanks everyone!