My little EJ

Here are some recent pictures of Ethan. These were taken about a month ago.

This one goes out to my AdFarm family...

Here's a little known fact. Ethan's middle name is James after my dad. His nickname is EJ. His nickname comes from Days of Our Lives bad boy EJ DiMera.

Thanks for looking!


Karen E. said…
Such a cutie! Love the hand picture, but the one with you is even sweeter!
Enjoyed having dinner with you and your family last night. Thanks for sharing your family!
Karen E. said…
Sorry Jen. Another look at that picture makes me realize that it is not you holding Ethan! Must be Auntie M.
Janie/Karen said…
Jen, I am not sure how you are finding the time to take care of your 3 beautiful children but also to once again take excellent photo's. You are fantastic! I must make a comment on the video posts though. Checco and I had a good laugh over the old disco but we couldn't even watch a second of Corrie Hart. What were you thinking!! I did enjoy the Sesame Street and the whole McDonald's song.
I thought you guys would enjoy that. Should have known I was opening myself up to ridicule with the whole Corey Hart thing. Maybe you guys would have related better to Mr. Roboto or how about some Clarence Carter. Ha ha.

I can just hear Checco about this morning's EJ clip... :)

Thanks so much for your compliments! I miss you guys. :(