Pop quiz

Monday, 9 June 2008

Sorry for the delay in posting. Things have been pretty crazy lately. Here are some recent pictures along with a quick quiz to test you. Answers to come on Wednesday!

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5 Responses to “Pop quiz”

Melissa said...

GORGEOUS, Jen! Love these pics of the boys. They are growing up so quickly! Ever so handsome!

Shannon said...

Very cute photos! The boys look like they are really growing up.

The quiz isn't working! :(

Jennifer McDougall said...

Hey everyone! Not sure why the Quibblo site keeps going down, but I used another site to create the polls. I will combine the results once the Quibblo site comes back online but feel free to vote again if you would like. I'll announce the answer tomorrow. Thanks for looking!

Karen E. said...

Can I phone a friend please? Is Ava available for a conference? Could you post in colour please? Certainly a good thing that I am not their caregiver!

Shannon said...

I got it! Thanks! I voted and I am sure that I am right but man, oh man do they ever look alike! I had no idea.