Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Can you believe it? New posts from me three days in a row. I am trying for every day this week.

This is a shot I have been after for a while. After many failed yet hilarious attempts, I am finally getting somewhere. Big thanks to Amanda for spinning Ava around and around until we were all ready to get sick...

This is typical Ava and reactions like this are getting harder and harder to capture as she refuses to let me take her picture. As a result any pictures I get of her now are through total trickery...

Ahhh...the pasty white skin that can only mean the beginning of summer...

Speaking of summertime, this song goes out to three crazy chicks who have convinced me to go see the New Kids on the Block in concert in September. You know who you are.

They're a bit on the washed up side, the dance moves haven't changed one bit and something strange is going on with Jordan's eyes, but the tune is pretty catchy. Without further ado, I give you...the New Kids on the Block.

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One Response to “Summertime”

Melissa said...

Love the pics and the video. Messed up eyes or not, Jordan is still my favourite New Kid!

Love the new banner on your blog - it's gorgeous!