A day at the beach

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

On Monday we went to the beach. It was Ethan and Owen's first time and Ava was very excited to go back although I'm not entirely sure she remembered what the beach was until we got there.

This is my favourite picture from Monday. It's a picture of Owen that was taken by my sister, Melissa. I love it for many reasons. First his expression and the fact that his hat is way too big. Secondly you can see the water in the background. Thirdly the lighting under the beach umbrella was just fantastic. And the thing I like most of all is that I am only in part of it and not looking directly at the camera.

It's also a very good reminder for me to step back and not zoom in so close all of the time...

Ethan at the beach. I liked this one because of the reflection in his eyes - you can see all of the things he is soaking in - the big sky, the water and his crazy mother waving at him like crazy, taking a zillion pictures of him...

There are plenty more pictures from the beach to come when I get a chance to post them. Right now we are getting geared up for my sister's wedding this weekend! Lots of pictures of that to come next week...

Thanks for looking!

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