The flower girl

Monday, 28 July 2008

On Saturday, my sister got married. The wedding was beautiful and I had a fabulous time. Ava had a good time too - once the dress was on and the hair was done. That part was a battle. The rest of the day was great. She went down the aisle with no problems and ran circles around everyone until almost 1 am...

Ava entertaining herself in the courtyard while the wedding photographer took family pictures...

Thanks for looking!

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6 Responses to “The flower girl”

Anonymous said...

She was an angel and we couldn't have been more proud of all of you.
What a lovely day. A fairy tale come true.

Anonymous said...

She was so good and looked like the beautiful Angel that she is.
I had a wonderful time with her, she is so smart!!!!
Auntie Gail

Karen E. said...

It was a beautiful day with beautiful people. These are cute pictures Jen. Did you have your camera hidden in your flowers? You got some cute ones of Ava, but why wouldn't they be cute? I need to look at what I was able to take.

Anonymous said...

I was travelling through the net and your blog just came out of I don't know where, but I have to say that I'm impressed, your photograhs are just beautiful! They're really strong and beautiful... I just loved'em :)
And the little girl.. she's so pretty and cute...
Well, that's all :P
Keep safe!

Melissa said...

Gorgeous pictures and a gorgeous little flower girl. Uncle Craig and I were so proud of that little angel. She did so well and was the perfect flower girl!

Cammy404 said...

Jennifer, your work is beautiful!!! I came across your blog through a stamping site. Your daughter is so adorable,and the images that you took of her are just too darling! Wished I can take pictures half as good as the ones that you took. After looking at all the wedding pics that you took, I wished I could turn back time and used you as my photographer!! I love your work.Please keep it up.