Melissa & Craig

Sorry for the delay. Bedtime seems to take longer and longer lately, with very little time for photo editing. Here are some pictures of my sister and her fiance, Craig.

No time for any creative stuff as it was starting to rain and my time was taken up doing other things. Out of the goodness of his heart, some crazy old guy decided that he would to try to carry a slug infested leather couch abandoned in some bushes into the conservation area in case somebody wanted to sit on it. I happened to be coming along the path as he was trying to lift it on his own. He asked me if I could help him move it. I tried to convince him that it looked pretty gross and that's why it was abandoned, to which he replied "but it's leather". Now the last time I checked, cow hides weren't PURPLE but what do I know... Anyway, he asked me to help him. After a very weak effort on my part, we decided to leave it where it was and went our separate ways so I could sanitize my hands until the outer layer of skin was rubbed off. Ew. It just gives me the creeps thinking that I actually touched it. I wonder if he ever got it moved...

Thanks for looking!


Karen E. said…
Great pics Jen. Awesome subjects. Beautiful smiles Melissa and Craig! Sorry that you had such trials with the couch! Who was this guy?
Anonymous said…
What a handsome couple!
The twinkle in Craig's eye in the first pic really shows that he has truly met his mate and he looks rather pleased. A true Prince Charming and a fair Princess :)
Great shots Jen!
Happy that you tried to help out some poor soul who was thinking of others.
Not sure who he was, but in retrospect it was probably not the smartest move on my part. I don't think he was all there but for all I know it could have been an act. It was raining and everybody else had already left the mill and my parents and the kids were waiting in the car. Somebody had told Mel that a camera cable was lying on the ground so I went back to check if it was mine. Now that I think about it, me going over to help him was pretty stupid as I could have been attacked. But I wasn't and the guy was harmless, but it was pretty dumb of me all the same.