Ava: a profile

Name: Ava

Future profession: zoologist, baker

Goals: learn to pronounce the letter L

Yikes: sketti, ham, cheese, apples, smarties, milk, corn on the cob, ketchup, popcorn, gummie worms

No yikes: 'tatoes unless they are in the form of a french fry that moves ketchup from my plate to my mouth

Favourite things: Rhianna, New Kids, Max & Ruby, Super Why, the princess movie (Enchanted) and must see the moon every night before going to bed

Favourite songs: September by Earth Wind & Fire, Apache (Jump on it) by Sugarhill Gang and Please Don't Stop the Music by Rhianna

Favourite sayings: "that's not good", "way cool"

Trademarks: upside down sunglasses, shoes on backwards, dimples

Noteable moments: calling out "Swiper, no swiping!" in church, pulling into the WalMart parking lot and asking "are we at church"?


Karen E. said…
How awesome Jen! You are so creative! Fabulous picture of a beautiful child. Love the profile too.
Sheri said…
What a beautiful picture Jen! Love it! The profile is so cute...great idea for a scrapbook page :)
Anonymous said…
Yoved the profile! She is such a character!