A few from the pumpkin patch

We're on the ball this year with the pumpkin patch pictures done already. I took a pile of pictures but am too tired to work on them tonight.

Here are a couple for now.

Owen in his monkey costume...

Ethan in his dragon costume...

You may be wondering why the dragon costume looks familiar. Here is a picture from the fall of '06. A certain other little McDougall wore the same costume:

I remember this day very well. Upon arrival at the pumpkin patch, I discovered my camera case had decided to lock on its own. After ten minutes of trying to force it open with a tire iron we gave up and I had to shoot with my dad's Nikon. *GASP*. A Nikon. Better than nothing I guess. ;)

If you are wondering why I am tired (other than the fact that we have three kids under the age of 2-1/2) - it's because it was a late night last night:

This one goes out to my sister who I would have put money on as the screamer at the beginning of the first clip, but it was shot from a different section than the one we were sitting in. :)

Thanks for looking and thanks for a great time last night, ladies!

(I should add that although these clips are from the show we went to, these are not my clips.)


Sheri said…
Jen - I knew I was right :) See my comment on your photos on Facebook about the picture of Ethan looking almost like one you had of Ava. It's crazy how similar the pictures with them are...of course wearing the same costume, but the whole looking down and everything...you'd think it was the same kid :) They have grown so much!
Melissa said…
Adorable! Cutest little monkey and dragon I've ever seen! Looking forward to seeing the rest of the pics!

Oh - and you'll be happy to know that I didn't lose my voice at the concert, Jen! I've been singing my heart out in the car on the way to work. I am such a New Kids fan again! :)