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Monday, 29 September 2008

As some of you may know, I am an avid scrapbooker. I've been keeping up with the kids' scrapbooks, but don't have a lot of time to create as much as I want to. Each layout takes me quite a while to create and I really have to think ahead as to what I want to do, what size my pictures need to be, etc. Then I print a pile of pictures, select my paper and set it aside to be worked on when I get a chance. That chance is usually when the kids are napping or playing and I end up practically destroying the living room in the process with supplies lying all over the place (that is to say all of the places that the kids can't reach). I have admired Sheri's digital layouts for a long time. I find them very inspiring. So I thought I would give it a try. I know my way around photoshop and I have a few kits from various projects I have worked on in the past, so how hard can it be? Here are my first stabs at digital scrapbooking:

First layout - took several hours...

Second layout - took about a half an hour...

Third layout - probably took 45 minutes...

Fourth layout - took about an hour and a half because I didn't like it at first and kept reworking things until I liked it...

So the verdict so far is me likey. Very much. I miss the dimension and sifting through supplies, but it's a lot faster and less frustrating for me at this point with such little time to work with.

These layouts use various kits and templates purchased from various digital scrapbooking sites. It's really late and I am very tired so I won't go into specifics. Feel free to email me if you are curious as to any of the supplies I used.

Thanks for looking! And big thanks to Sheri for the inspiration!

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4 Responses to “Something new for me”

Shannon said...

Hey Jen! Welcome to the "dark side" I told you digital scrapbooking is still scrapbooking. Just different. You never know you may be hooked in no time. Your layouts look fabulous.

Here's my link to my digiscrap blog.


Shannon said...

Sorry, I spelling my link wrong.


Anonymous said...

Jen...These are AWESOME...I have always wanted to try Digital.....I downloaded a free kit...and that's as far as it got....CLUELESS when it comes to doing it....someday maybe.
Have fun digiscrappin:)


Sheri said...

Jen - your first attempts are AWESOME!! I told you that you would be a natural at this :)

I am so glad I could inspire you to start. Now that you have you'll wonder how you ever survived before. I do sometimes miss paper scrapbooking, but then I remember how time consuming it can be :) I still do a few layouts just for fun, but those are few and far between these days.

I love how you kept track of how long it took to do each one. I would say on average it takes me an hour for each layout, sometimes a lot less, but an hour is about my average. Although I rarely ever complete a layout at one sitting, I usually start and then come back to it, sometimes days, even months later :)

Another thing I do to help keep myself organized is I have an Excel spreadsheet with all the layouts I need to start, complete, print, etc. I am so glad I started it because I would lose track of everything. I still have layouts from 2006 that I'd like to complete!! Who knows if I'll ever get them done!

Keep the layouts coming. You have inspired me with your pictures and I am sure you'll inspire me with your digital layouts too!

Happy digi scrappin!