Spinning in the courtyard

Here are a few more shots of Ava from my sister's wedding. Although dresses are growing on her, she is still very particular about what she wears. It took some convincing to get her into her flower girl dress. By the time these pictures were taken, the struggle to get her into the dress was a thing of the past and from the looks of things she was actually starting to like it.

Thanks for looking!


Anonymous said…
Oh my gosh!
Your pictures really captured her mood on the wedding day.
She was a perfect little flower girl. She was a gem and I think she really enjoyed the day. She brought a lot of smiles and joy to all. All of the work to get her to like the dress and wear it paid off.
Love Mom (Nana)
Melissa said…
Beautiful pictures, Jen! I agree with mom - they really captured how precious she was (and is!). Will have to get a few of these from you (I keep saying that, don't I? - Love your work!)!