Our Christmas card

The following is a picture that went out in our Christmas cards this year. It was made with a quick page kit I bought and modified (it was horizontal) from Oscraps. Most of these pictures you've seen before but there might be the odd one you haven't. Any guesses at who is who? Answers are below...

Top row L-R: Ethan L and Owen R, Ava, Ethan, Ava, Owen
2nd row from top L to R: Ava, Owen, Owen, Ethan, Ava
3rd row from top L to R: Ethan, Ava, Ava, Ethan, Owen
4th row from top L to R: Owen, Owen, Ethan, Ethan/Ava/Owen, Ava
Bottom row L to R: Owen, Ethan, Ava, Owen, Ethan

Thanks for looking!


Tinkerfaerie said…
That is such a gorgeous Christmas card with beautiful kids :)
Karen E. said…
I will treasure my copy! May have to print out who is in each wee picture and attach it. Thanks for sharing.