Day 10 {boogies}

Today had a brand new set of nicknames but I can't remember them for the life of me so we'll stick with yesterday's set.

Closeup of Chomp Chomp (please excuse the crusty nose. Unfortunately "boogies" are a big part of our lives right now with everyone getting over colds)...

and Mimi (once again excuse the boogies).

To quote Booda, "ta da!" Look who got dressed all by herself. If you look closely, one sock is on upside down...

Thank god for Treehouse TV. Mommy erased the "Boots lost his boots" episode from the PVR and has been in the doghouse for the past week. Luckily it aired again this morning.

One of this morning's games involved Ava running up to my camera and pressing the shutter while the camera was pointed at nothing in particular. Then she would run away.

Naptime. The boys are tired after demolishing the living room. Unfortunately Booda is still on the loose.

Chomp Chomp during naptime.

Mimi during naptime. P.S. I am really starting to hate the paint on their walls.

The three of them plotting...

Ethan playing.

Yesterday Ava got a beautiful flower from her Auntie M.

At lunch, Booda told me it was very important that I get a picture of Swiper.

A very messy but happy kid.

The cleanup crew has arrived. Duh nuh...duh nuh...

After dinner. Forget the new toys they got for Christmas. The big hit right now is the new curtains. SOMEBODY charged them up so well today that they are now stuck to our sliding doors. I wonder who could have done that.

Ava "reading" the boys a story before bedtime. That's Mimi in the stripes and Chomp Chomp in the blue.

Well, that's about it for today. Thanks for looking!


Anne of Alamo said…
I laughed thru your day! I don't which one I love more..from swiper, good mom taking a pic of swiper and your daughters messy face, the dog going for the cookie and the static...oh what a day...I know you sleep good! Can't wait for Sunday day of rest for you in pics!!
Chreamps said…
Such wonderful photo's - love your black and whites, and your colors just pop in the other ones - beautiful flower! I like the green in their rooms, it's so cheerful!
We have a clean up crew here, too!

Have a great day tomorrow!
Looks like a day in our house LOL Adorable photos!!
Sheri said…
Awesome pics Jen!! I see Ava is a Dora fan too :) We pretty much watch Dora 24/7 around here. We just bought a few DVDs and she just watches them over and over and over!! I see Ava likes the Dora pasta. Alyssa liked to look at it, but won't eat it :)

I also can't get over how big the boys's really noticeable when you see them next to Ava.