Day 12 {crazy day}

Well, it was a typical day here at our house.

The kids are changed, dressed and breakfast is over. Just like every day, someone (Owen) is pulling on my pants to get them to their feet. (Yes I am still in my pajamas...)

I've got Ethan over here playing.

I've got Owen over here deep in thought planning his day.

And Ava is telling me a story. Or maybe she's asking me a question. An entertaining one I am sure like last week when she asked me if the roast I was putting in the "crack pot" was owl.

Maybe I'll grab some breakfast. Everything is under control. I've got Ethan hiding.

And I've got Ava copying him.

Everything is going well for the moment and I've eaten my breakfast, so I sit down for a minute and plan a scrapbook page.

Then I do some laundry. I carry the basket out of the launtry room and put it on the couch. I then see:


I say yes and she says "Yes please I want some milk!"

So I get the milk. As I get the milk I see Owen has found the laundry basket and is pulling the folded laundry onto the floor.

And then he swiftly moves on to the unfolded.

So I run over and put everything back in the basket. Then I look around. Guess who's trying to pull stuff off the kitchen table? Ethan.

So I run to where he is and move everything to the centre of the table where he can't reach it.

I turn around to see this:



"The boys' nicknames are Madge and Backpack and my name is Giraffe."

Good to know. I look over to the living room and what do you know? Now Madge is pulling laundry from the basket.

So I run to the living room. I am going to stop him, but figure this is a good photo opportunity, so I sit on the floor.

He sees me.

I manage to get the camera away and get back up. I turn around to see this:

"Yes please I want some milk." And it starts all over again. The bad news is it's only 11 am.

But wait! The phone rings. It's an angel asking if she can come over for a visit. She shows up with a tea for me and Timbits for Ava. Thank you, Karen. :)

Other random shots from the day:

Ethan walking while Ava cheers him on in her adorable little flood pants.

The price of 4L of milk now in 2009. The price the year I was born? $1.25.

The price of bread in 2009. The price the year I was born? 36 cents. Come on. Seriously Wikipedia?! That can't be right. I'm not THAT old.

Can of formula.

One of three bedtime stories I read to Ava tonight. The Library Lion by Michelle Knudsen. One of many books we picked up at the new library on Friday afternoon.

Well, that was our day. I will now scrapbook until the wee hours of the morning and start it all over again tomorrow.

Thanks for looking!


Krystal said…
Wow! you sure have your hands full! Your pictures are gorgeous, and I love your idea to show each day of your life! That will make for an amazing book at the end of the year!
Melissa said…
Beautiful as always, Jen! Still can't get over Ava's nicknames for everyone! The boys are as precious as ever!
Melly said…
your photos are beautiful
LOL I love the perspective of them looking up at you! Thats exactly what its like here. I also can relate to scrapping way late at night!
Erika said…
Wow, what a beautiful documentation of your day! Your pictures are gorgeous, and so are your kids.
Anonymous said…
A day in the life of your wonderful family.
How precious!!!
So lucky to have Auntie Karen in your life.
She is indeed an angel.
Chreamps said…
I so enjoy seeing what when on in your day - takes me back to when my son was little! Just love all your photo's, such a precious/sweet time this is!