Day 13 {Owen practises walking}

Today was unbelievably boring. Ava was at the babysitter so I actually got stuff done around the house while the boys napped. I didn't start taking pictures until after 4 and the lighting was terrible. The following pictures aren't the best, but they're all I've got for today.

Owen walking around...

Ethan eating "Daddy's 'mote".

This is my favourite picture of the day. Ava is home from the babysitter and has the boys' undivided attention. I love how Owen is totally captivated with his hand on his chin as he hangs on every word.

Ava and Eesin (as Ava calls him) playing hide and seek.

Owen standing by himself. He is doing it more and more lately. He will take one step to get from one thing to another, but this is the first time I have seen him stand there all by himself away from a support. He took two actual steps...

and was just as excited as I was that he was actually walking.

Then Ethan cut in front of him so he could climb into my lap and cut him off. Nobody got hurt so I can feel free to find this picture hilarious. It's a horrible picture but the expression on their faces is priceless.

And a random shot for the day. I wanted to document how small our boys are. They are small compared to other babies their age and much smaller than Ava was at this age. They are almost a year old and still fit in some 6 month sized clothing. They even have a few 3 month sized onesies that have only just become too small.

Well that's it. Those were terrible and it was pretty boring. I'll try to be more on the ball tomorrow. The main thing is that it's day 13 and I haven't missed a day yet. Outstanding.

Thanks for looking!


Shannon said…
OMG, they are almost walking. They are growing up way too fast. Can you believe they are almost a year old!
Erika said…
I don't think your pictures are booring, everyday life is always interesting. And you have such sweet kids! The action-picture, when the walking is over, is so funny (when you know everything went well).
Melissa said…
Jen - you are way too hard on yourself - these pictures are fantastic! I love the last one of the boys and the one of Miss Ava putting on a show - it's so nice to see all three of them doing things together! Keep the beautiful pictures coming!
Anonymous said…
despite the hectic days you still manage to
document very special moments in your children's lives. Amazing!!!!
Thank you for starting every day with pictures of my beautiful grandgrandchildren.
Love Nana
Chreamps said…
Maybe boring to you, but not to the rest of us! What you are doing is amazing! Such beautiful photo's and the one where he is falling is too cute! You do such a wonderful job with your photo's and your kids!