Day 14 {Ethan's first artwork}

Wow. Day 14 and this thing hasn't fallen apart yet. Outstanding. I have lots of pictures for you today. The boys have new nicknames courtesy of Ava again, so once again I will use them to narrate our day.

Here's spinner and I colouring.

Spinner puts out an APB on her stuffed Grover. A manhunt follows.

The search is halted for a brief game of "Got Your Nose".

Here is Same Old Boy (Owen) looking pretty cute in his little Harry Potter-like outfit.

Same old boy (who by the way is 11 months old today) has decided he is going to walk by a year. He is refining his skills. He carefully pulls himself up...

to a standing position. Where he can stand for quite a while.

Now he's just showing off.

He takes a step...

And down he goes.

Another milestone happened today. Beanie (Ethan - who surprisingly enough is also 11 months old today) began to show an interest in the arts when he got a hold of a crayon while Spinner and I were colouring.

Unfortunately the canvas for his first creation was our sliding door. Oh well, that's what they make Mr. Clean magic erasers for.

In unrelated news, it only took 6 days for my children doing this...

to bend our new curtain rod. I was able to bend it back in place. Five minutes later it looked like this again.

Later in the afternoon, Grover was finally located...

and reunited with his family.

Other random shots for the day included:

Same Old Boy before his nap.

Same Old Boy waking up from his nap.

Beanie waking up from his.

Just a random shot of Beanie in his overalls.

Well, that's about it for today. Thanks for looking!


Heather said…
those are some awesome shots! i especially loved the dog drapped over the back of the chair in the background. it was like he was saying "what about me?!" LOL
Shannon said…
These are great photos today! I can't believe your house was ransacked so bad by Ava. I don't think I have ever seen that much stuff on your floor! Looks like you guys had a great day and lets hope the boys learn to colour on paper instead of sliding doors.
Rory said…
So many beautiful pics of your cute childs.Like it!
But the best is your the background he sleep at your furniture...this is so funny!
Love it!
Erika said…
Looks like you had a busy day, happy to hear Grover was found. :) Lovely pictures!