Day 15 {library visit}

Today was library day. We look forward to this day every week. It's a time for her and I to get out of the house by ourselves and escape to the library where it is quiet (or at least it is until we get there).

A quick detour on the way to the library to get some timbits for Ava and a hot chocolate for Nana. Not an exciting shot, but when this project is completed and this picture is included in my Project 365 book, it will be interesting for the kids to look back years from now and laugh at how a large coffee was only $1.38.

A quick check of the gas price. Thank goodness we had gas because no way was I pumping gas in -30 weather.

Picking out books...

Playing on the computers...

Look whose "man on the street" interview and picture made the front page of the paper. :) PS. Daddy made the back cover for winning his curling bonspiel.

Playing peek-a-boo through the glass doors to the kids' room.

And some other random shots from earlier in the day.

Keedy (Ethan) at lunchtime. Lots of this:

Led to this cute but holy mess before naptime. The rubbing of the eyes was just for show though as the second I put him down for his nap a few minutes later he screamed his head off.

And Pawn (Owen) lying on the mat at the front door with his puppy. I wish I got a better shot than this but the second he saw me he moved.

Thanks for looking!


Krystal said…
great photo series!! They are too cute!!