Day 16 {play, play, play}

Ava and Dawn (yep - new nicknames again. Dawn is Owen) playing on the floor.

Ava giving Dawn a kiss.

A random picture of Chonk Chonk.

This is a terrible picture, but Owen was having fun. We were playing peek-a-boo with a pillow on the floor.

Ava went old school and played with my old Viewmaster.

But she wasn't willing to go quite that old school.

This was more her speed:

I'm meeting with resistance already and it's only day 16. That's not good...

That's it for today. Thanks for looking!


Shannon said…
These are awesome! Great capture with the view master shot of Dora. Love everything.
Karen E. said…
Thanks for sharing jen. I love to see your pictures even if you think they are boring or technically not good. I sure hope that Ava forgets what part of the camera is the lens!
Melissa said…
Beautiful pictures, Jen! I can't get over the picture of Owen on the floor - look at those teeth! They are growing up so quickly!
Erika said…
Soooo great pictures, as always! It is so funny to be able to peek into your days!
Chreamps said…
Wonderful pics, again, and I just love those nick names that Ava comes up with - Chomp, Chomp (LOL)!

Hope that the resistance stops, as I just love the photo's! Have a great weekend!
Chreamps said…
Hope you don't mind, Jennifer, but I gave you a blog award. I've so enjoyed reading about and seeing your wonderful photo's of your children every day.
Anonymous said…
I love the one with view master held to the light!! Great shot. ;-)
Thank you so much everyone for your kind comments! It's greatly appreciated.

Chreamps - thank you so much for the award! I am flattered and I really appreciate it. It was very thoughtful of you!

LOL Yeah we are getting the resistance around here already too. Im going to have to mamarazzi if these kids dont start cooperating. Adorable photos as usual. Love your perspective!