Day 17 {Natalia's birthday}

I didn't get to take as many pictures as usual today as I got a chance to escape the house today! I went to see Marley & Me . I took a couple of pictures with my camera phone - the theatre, the poutine sign (oh how I have missed you, my beloved poutine) and a picture of my friend Jenn and I outside the theatre (thanks for a fantastic time, Jenn!). They were all terrible so I won't be posting them. Anyway, maybe it's because I cried my eyes out this afternoon or because I've had too many late nights, but I am exhausted. Here are the pictures from today.

Somebody was VERY crabby when she woke up this morning...

until I told her she could call her cousin Natalia to wish her a happy birthday. Then the crustiness was over. Here she is waiting for Natalia to get on the phone.

Ava hears her voice...

and can't contain her excitement.

At this point she asked Natalia "Talia are you sree (three)?"

The end of the conversation.

A very happy girl is reminded that she is going to Natalia's birthday party tomorrow.

To see Natalia's end of the conversation, pop over to my sister-in-law Shannon's blog. Anyway, that's about it for today. Thanks for looking!


Oh I love her pink shirt! Such cute unposed photos!
Christy said…
Oh you can totally see her excitement about wishing her Happy Birthday!!
Rory said…
She´s so my little daughter!Great pics!