Day 19 {sleepy head}

Well, some of us started out the day bright and early. Some did not. Some of us were still wiped from playing pretty hard yesterday. It was like an almost three year old's equivalent of a hangover.

Said person rolled out of bed...

The past few weeks have been ones with lots of hard decisions. I have decided to go back to work three days a week. Unfortunately we had to give up our current babysitter whom we all love for someone who will watch the kids in our house. It was a very hard decision to make as our babysitter is fantastic, but this is more convenient for us at this stage. This is the kids watching the new babysitter pull out of the driveway after her tour and orientation around the house.

Other randoms from the day:

Ava reading her new favourite book with Nana - "The Froggy Froggy Forest" as Ava calls it. Actually a very cool book. The pages are vellum and see-through. We picked it up from the library last week.

Putting a puzzle together with Grandad.

Ava is right into the Disney princesses right now.

Tonight after my bath, I came out of the bathroom to find Ava had climbed into our bed and she had covered Scarlett with a blanket. I have never seen Scarlett keep a blanket on before and the look she gave me when I saw her was priceless. That poor dog has taken a lot from the kids the past few weeks. The boys keep using her for balance and every time I turn around Ava has her wearing this:

Anyway, I tried to get my camera from downstairs but of course the second I left the room, the dog followed me. The following are attempts to re-stage it with treats and total bribery. No such luck. Ava was too interested in jumping on the bed and the dog was too interested in scanning the room for additional treats.

Well that's about it. Not much exciting going on today. Just a run of the mill day at home.

Thanks for looking!


Melissa said…
Hilarious pictures of Ava and Scarly. I know they didn't turn out the way you wanted them to, but they are fantastic nonetheless! Love every picture!
Shannon said…
These are awesome Jen! I totally feel your pain when the photo opp follows you out of the room it sucks!! Love the toddler hangover. Natalia fell asleep on the couch at 8:00 last night while we were playing rock band. She was one exhausted little critter as well.
Great photos from today! I love the look on the dog's face... hope your new babysitting arrangement works out!
Sheri said…
I bet it was hard to decide to go back to work. I hope all goes well with everything. Loving the pics of Ava sleeping. She must have been tired to sleep that late!
goodtexan said…
Wonderful photos! Absolutely precious. TFS!
Erika said…
Beautiful pictures. Love the clock you have, so cool with it hanging out from the wall! And cute pictures of the doggie, it can be hard beeing a dog with kids in the house, but also very fun! :)
Chreamps said…
I'm sure everything will work out well with your decisions and love the pics from today. Scarlett looks like "the horror" with her beaded necklace on (LOL)! But you can't beat a golden for such patience.