Day 21 {Owen & Scarlett}

Today was really boring. Not much going on and I didn't take very many pictures.

Somebody was taking advantage of the fact that I was home. This would not happen if Jason were home.

Scarlett and Owen (today Ava's nickname for him is "Same". Ethan is "Bud") this morning. It always amazes me how gentle she is with the kids. They pull her hair and her tail and are forever tormenting her and she is always very good with them.

Tonight's dessert. Peanut butter ice box squares.

What they really end up looking like every time I make them. Damn you, Kraft.

Well that's it. Pretty boring. Thanks for looking and a big thanks to everyone who has been posting comments. They are greatly appreciated!


Melissa said…
Beautiful pictures, Jen!
Chreamps said…
Not so boring pictures to me! My dog does the same thing when my husband isn't home (LOL)! Scarlet sounds like a wonderful golden!

Of course, love the pictures of your kids!
Karen E. said…
Scarlet loves you Jen. So do lots of other people, even if your Peanut Butter Ice Squares don't look like the picture from Kraft. Some on Jen, you know how to PhotoShop! Bet Kraft did!
Tara said…
Well Jen I think you have that a little backwards ....... Thank You, I am so enjoying this project you have undertaken and I love being part of your family in a sense :) sort of like a fly on the wall with an excellent view ..... super pics and super thanks :):):)
Shannon said…
Love the photos! Scarlett looks so at home in Jason's chair!