Day 22 {last day at Lisa's}

Today was a good day but it was also a sad day as it was Ava's last day at her babysitter's house.

We started off the day with a visit from my friend Sara and her adorable baby, Cole. It was nice to have an adult conversation. Thanks Sara for the General Hospital background info. :)

Ethan's new game. He pulls toys out of the bucket and throws them over his shoulder. Guess who has to pick them up afterward? There goes the elephant.

And the little knit man with the purple pants is the next to go (Karen E - I think it was you who gave this toy to the boys. They are obsessed with it lately and fight over it!).

And then the new toy from Nana.

And now he's spotted me.

This afternoon as I was cleaning up in the kitchen I could hear the boys laughing like crazy. I turned around to see they had swiped Scarlett's towel from the handle on the sliding doors and were playing peek-a-boo with each other. (I'm hiding behind the laundry basket on the counter.)

This is Ava with our babysitter Lisa and her three beautiful kids. Ava loves them like a second family. We will miss you, Lisa but still plan to see you lots. :(

Look who made the "Babies on Parade" section of the paper this week. Ava was very proud.

Storytime tonight. Did you know they have a storybook based on the dog from Marley & Me? Me neither until we found it at the library. It's called "A Very Marley Christmas" and Ava laughed the whole way through it because it reminded her of Scarlett.

Ava has done this every night this week. She continues to "read" books to herself for about an hour after I turn off the light. This is her reading Snow White by the light of her night light.

Thanks for looking!


Shannon said…
Beautiful photos, Jen. The last one of Ava reading is my favourite. Did Ava get a new bed? It looks different.
the lighting on that last photo is fab!
goodtexan said…
Such wonderful photos. Absolutely marvelous captions, TFS!
Melissa said…
Gorgeous, Jen! I can't wait to pick up the paper this morning so I can see the pictures of the boys and show them off at work! I agree with Shannon - my favourite is the one of Ava reading. So precious. Nana will love that one!
Karen E. said…
Sorry to have added to the toy toss :( I can just hear them laugh as they play peek-a-boo with Scarlet's towel. Yes, the last picture is beautiful.
Tara said…
oh Jen ..... what an absolutely special way to look at your life ... My wish for you is that you enjoy your look back at this year in photos with as much pleasure as I am having .... it is delightful and moving and so marvelous ...... Thank you, thank you, thank you, for sharing :):)
Anonymous said…
Lovely day you had. I love the pictures and story of Ava reading her book! ;-)